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Mt. Mitake Retreat with Clive Sheridan in Japan 
10th - 14th, October, 2024

Meditation, Silence, Awareness . . .


▪︎ About Clive Sheridan
Since ancient times the Orient has been calling us to: 'Wake up to the nature of Mind!'


Clive has been practicing Hatha Yoga since the late '60's & started teaching by the late '70's. After years wandering in India,  teaching here & there around the planet, Clive settled in the Northern Rivers of NSW, to plant a small rainforest - the 'completion' of a precious journey!

Clive shares a very free spirited, yet focused practice of classical Asana, with particular attention to the breath. Inner experience is deepened with profound sessions of Pranayama - meditation in themselves - explored correctly & safely. He combines the delights of Hatha Yoga with a challenging & transformative cocktail of "inner teachings" which arise from his spiritual background of both Tantra & Advaita. These non-dual traditions when merged in subtle union are the "Shakti & Shiva" - the "Heart & Mind" of Yoga. He calls us to lovingly awaken to our potential to "go beyond the mind" ... but we need firstly to understand what this mind is ?!!!

The Asana & Pranayama sessions are suitable for friends at all levels of practice.

 ▪︎ About Retreat
A day starts with morning meditation in the dawn followed by a strong Asana and Prayanama leading to awaken the individual "inner power". "Mauna" (silence) will be kept until lunch to deepen the practice.
There will be a break after lunch where you can simply relax or enjoy nature and afternoon session will start with Satsanga (discourse) where Clive will share his love and wisdom on "inner teaching" based on Tantra and Advaita (non-dualism) philosophy. Clive keeps encouraging us to observe mindfully the nature of ego and go beyond it.
A week might sound long, but it is a minimum length in order to deepen the study in a real meaning. His teaching is simple yet direct and powerful. A steady and intense practice will lead our body and mind to reach the truth. The practice is there for removing the veil of ignorance we all have in own and not only for gaining new knowledge nor believing in a specific dogma; it is for becoming free from a "perceived notion" and returning to the 'true Self'. For that purpose, we are trying continuously to become aware and to transcend the ego-mind.
Meditation will be a great tool for that purpose. Pranayama will help you to gain a sharp mind and to uncover the inner self. Asana will cultivate your physical and mental strength to create a base for a spiritual journey. This week of experience is not something you will complete but might become a place to begin your journey to transform yourself; to wake up to the nature of the mind!
Put aside a theory for now, and let us jump into the nature without being disturbed from outside, and simply enjoy 'being' there with awareness, love and joy!
Sample Schedule
05:45 - 06:30 Meditation
06:30 - 08:00 Pranayama
08:00 -      Breakfast / break
10:00 - 12:00 Asana
12:00 -     Lunch/ break - free time *end of Mauna (silence)
15:30 - 16:30 Satsanga (discourse)
16:30 - 18:00 Asana
18:00 - 19:00 Pranayama
19:00 -      Dinner
21:00      Bed-time

First day
check in  : 2:00 p.m - 3:00 p.m /  Retreat begins with Satsanga around 3:30pm

Last day
check out  :11:00 a.m  / Early morning practice will be till around 8:00 a.m. We'll have the last breakfast together before checking out. 
▪︎ Location  - Mt. Mitake -  
Mt. Mitake is just 2+ hours away from the heart of Tokyo, and hard to believe it is still Tokyo where you find rich natural surroundings with slow-paced time.
Mt. Mitake has been a sacred place among mountain worship tradition from ancient time and it is a perfect place to practice yoga in such a deep nature with divine spirits away from busy city. During the break you can stay at the guesthouse for a nice rest or enjoy walking in the nature at your own choice. Having a cup of tea with delightful outlook or experience “taki-gyo” (sitting under the waterfall for spiritual practice) is also recommended! 


▪︎ Venue - Shukubou Mitake-Sanso - 
Address : 123 Mitakesan, Ome-shi, Tokyo, 198-0175, Japan
Retreat will take place at a famous Mitake-sanso, one of the traditional guesthouse (shukubo is a guesthouse for pilgrims to a shrine) in the Mt. Mitake. You will see a Japanese traditional style of building in pillars and ceiling there. The old traditional thatched roof has been recently replaced with copper plate beautifully done by craftsman. We are blessed to practice in a sacred room where the Priest of Mitake-sanso has worshiped rituals over many generations.

visit the Mitake-sanso's website here↓(written in Japanese)
▪︎ Food / What to Bring
Meals are all vegetarian. Breakfast will be simple yet traditional Japanese style ; a ball of brown-rice porridge with some veges, picles & fruits (self-serviced style). You might want to bring your own snacks, such as nuts and dry fruits for munches. Lunch will be light & delightful. Exquisite dishes will be served for dinner to heal your body and mind at the end of the day. Tea/water will be available during the day.
Mornings/evenings can become quite cold up in the mountain in October, so bring enough warm clothes such as fleece, socks, shawl for meditation etc.
Bring enough practice-wears also, as it can get quite warm during day time and there's no washing machines around.
Other recommended items : a thermos bottle for hiking, chopsticks for being eco-friendly, and a torch for night walks as you wish!
▪︎ Access 
From Tokyo st. to the venue will take about 2,5hours by public transportation.
Tokyo st. /or Shinjuku st. → Mitake st. on JR Ome Line  (1.5-2 hours) 
  →  Mitake st.  → Takimoto st. by bus (15min)
  → Takimoto → Mt. Mitake.st. by cable car (10min) 
  → From Mitake cable car St., walk 15 min. to get Mitake-sanso, the guest house. There is a big map where you get off the car, you can find the way to get to the venue there.
  *The last one departs at 6:07 p.m. (as of May 2024). If you miss this, there is a walk-path (1 hour hiking).
▪︎ Price
 5 Days-4 Nights  All included : JPY 140,000 - 
  early bird : JPY128,000 -  /  untill 21. June 
▪︎ Registration / Enquiries  
For bookings and enquiries, please mail to the address below.
Please replace [@] to @. (For anti-spam)

▪︎ Weekend Workshop in Hamamatsu on 5 & 6 October 
For farther details

Workshop Info - 5&6 Oct  

We hope you will join us and have precious experiences in some of the most beautiful parts of Japan !